We Are...

lion-catAn online hub that serves as a reminder to enjoy life in the now. With so much negativity in the world, it's hard to see the beauty of life. With #CelebrateLife, we want to make "counting your blessings" a habit. One of the ways we want you to celebrate life is by telling us what's beautiful about it, by posting your good news and/or articles. All of our content will be funneled through three primary areas…

  • seegood See Life: Seeing is believing. One article or testimony can change your thoughts. One thought can change your actions. One action can change your day from a not-so-good day to a good day.
  • feelgood Feel Life: Emotions are vital. How you feel is how you move forward in that moment. Sometimes a simple word of encouragement, a positive picture, or a song can alter your mood.
  • livegood Live Life: Happiness is contagious. Just by seeing someone happy can spark up the happiness hidden within. Sometimes we just need some pointers to help us walk on this road of happiness. Most importantly, meditating on what makes you happy can keep you in the pursuit of happiness.

At bare minimum, we just want you to smile.

We Are Not...

  • A Platform for Negativity: We cannot shield negativity that people may bring to this website, but we will moderate and monitor anything that does not promote positivity. Although profanity can be expressed in a state happiness, we only suggest that you take into consideration that this website is open to all ages.
  • Closed-Minded: Regardless of your personal or religious beliefs, we believe that ANY person has the capability to experience any of the three primary areas mentioned above, and should not be an outcast due to those beliefs. Open judgment or online abuse is strictly prohibited on
  • Online Counselors: From time to time, we will have professional counselors write articles or give tips and suggestions. Only in those cases, will we strongly emphasize that the content is from an professional counselor. All other advice or suggestions given on this website should not be a replacement for people who are actually seeking professional guidance through any crisis. If you are suicidal, please go to this website immediately: