Do you like to join #TeamCelebrateLife? Well, let's see if you got what it takes.

In the eyes of #TeamCelebrateLife, we want this website to be the people's website. The door is always open for any and everyone to contribute, however, there is a standard that is expected to be upheld. We expect all of our contributors (i.e. staff, interns, and volunteers) to adhere to the core values of our non-profit sister company Help Them Win, Inc. We are continuously looking for:

  • consistent writers and bloggers who loves music, fashion, entertainment, etc.
  • fresh and innovative photographers
  • cartoonist and skilled visual artist
  • multimedia gurus who are skilled in creating intros, outros, and proper video editing
  • graphic designers (experience in print/production is a plus)
  • social media gurus who are willing to constantly update our accounts
  • visitors to spread the word about our movement

If any of these areas interest you, please click here to fill out the form and specify which team you will like to join.